Twitter ("FinTwit")

Twitter is hands down the best social media platform for financial content. It offers everything from breaking news on market-moving events (faster and better than anything else) to in-depth analyses of business strategies and stock pitches.

That said, the true value of Twitter is obscured until you curate the right list of accounts to follow. Unfortunately, most lists of "must follow financial Twitter accounts" are garbage. 


Naval's rules for Twitter:



A few of my favorite accounts:
(I exclude any locked accounts. Please feel free to email with your own recommendations.)


The Strategists
Jesse Livermore


Plan Maestro - look forward to his Sunday #chartstravaganza


Venture Capitalists

Naval Ravikant, AngelList
CEO and co-founder of AngelList. Follow for all things tech and cryptocurrencies.
Naval Ravikant on Twitter
Interview with Naval Ravikant at Farnam Street
Naval Ravikant at Killing Buddha

Josh Wolfe, Lux Capital
Co-founder of Lux Capital. Lux "makes long-term bets on contrarians and outsiders"
Josh Wolfe on Twitter
Twenty Minute VC interview with Josh Wolfe.
Notes from the RealVision interview with Josh Wolfe.





Stock Pickers
LongShortTrader - also has a blog
Bluegrass Capital - for business/stock analysis (focus on quality/GARP type stocks)
Noon Six Cap - who also publishes a terrific "weekly best"every Friday


Sector Specialists
Daniel Ruiz for everything autos
Maintains a blog post with his data at: Bottom-Up Automotive Analysis Blog