The Players of the Money Game

Recent additions:
- Dan Rasmussen podcast (2/27/2018)
- Chuck Royce on WealthTrack (Feb 2018)
- Dan Rasmussen article on Private Equity (Feb 2018)
- Russell Clark (Horseman) on semiconductor sector (Feb 2018)
- Jim Chanos Yale alumni profile (2013)
- Li Lu lecture at Columbia in 2006
- Eddie Lampert 2004 BusinessWeek Article
- Bill Fleckenstein interview from the dotcom bubble
- Jeremy Grantham on WealthTrack talking Melt-Up and Emerging Markets (1/27/18)
- AQR interview with Ed Thorp (1/23/2018)
- Pat Dorsey on competitive moats (podcast) (1/13/2018)
- Kyle Bass on Greece at 2017 panel (1/8/2018)
- Peter Lynch on Wall Street Week in 2002 (1/7/2018)
- Fireside chat with Jim Chanos and Dan Gilbert(1/7/2018)
- Jeremy Grantham bubble paper (1/7/2018)


Quarterly Hedge Fund Letters:
Hedge Fund Fourth Quarter 2017 Letters
Hedge Fund Third Quarter 2017 Investor Letters
Hedge Fund Second Quarter 2017 Investor Letters
Hedge Fund First Quarter 2017 Investor Letters



Bill Ackman, Pershing Square Capital
11/10/2016, video: Bill Ackman at DealBook 2016
10/17/2016, reading: Is Bill Ackman Toast? (Vanity Fair)
2013: Bill Ackman speaking at University of Oxford
2013: Bill Ackman Interview on Charlie Rose


Lee Ainslie, Maverick Capital
Video: Onewire interview with Lee Ainslie
10/22/2015, reading: Notes From Lee Ainslie's Talk at Citi Australia Conference
2006, reading: McKinsey interview with Lee Ainslie
2002, reading: Lee Ainslie: Portfolio Construction and Risk Management


Chuck Akre, Akre Capital Management
11/19/2017, podcast: Chuck Akre on Value Investing Podcast
2012, reading: Chuck Akre on the Search for Compounding Machines 


Marc Andreessen, Andreessen Horowitz
5/30/2017, video: Marc Andreessen and Reid Hoffman, Co-Founder of LinkedIn at Code 2017 
5/27/2017: Transcript of Marc Andreessen Interview (Masters in Business)
5/16/2017, audio: Bloomberg Masters in Business Interview With Marc Andreessen 
8/20/2011: Why Software Is Eating The World (WSJ Op-Ed) 


Pierre Andurand, Andurand Capital
2/27/2017, reading: Andurand Sees Further Energy Recovery (the hedge fundjournal)


Cliff Asness, AQR
8/7/2017, reading: The August of our Discontent: Once More Unto the Breach? (2017)
8/7/2007, reading: The August of Our Discontent (2007)
5/8/2015, video: Cliff Asness on Wealthtrack
2014, video: A Conversation About Market Efficiency with Cliff Asness of AQR
2013, video: Cliff Asness: A Brief and Biased Survey of Quantitative Investing
2013, video: Clif Asness on Wealthtrack


Kyle Bass, Hayman Capital
1/8/2018, video: 2017 Capital Link Invest in Greece Forum - Global Investor Panel with Kyle Bass 
At minutes 4, 8, 25, 35, and 45 Kyle outlines his bullish thesis on Greece.
11/14/2017, reading: Kyle Bass predicts investors are getting ready to pour billions back into Greek economy
9/10/2017, podcast interview: Adventures in Finance Podcast: Kyle Bass
2015 & 2016, videos: Kyle Bass interviews at Real Vision TV
Video: Disrupting the Global Economy (VanityFair)
6/16/2017, reading: Kyle Bass still short yuan, says China credit bubble 'metastasizing'
5/2/2017, video: Kyle Bass Sees China's Wealth Management Products as Key Risk
1/25/2017, video: Kyle Bass at Bloomberg on Trump, China, German Rates
Video: Kyle Bass Sees China's Wealth Management Products as Key Risk (Bloomberg)
2/10/2016, reading: Kyle Bass – China’s $34 Trillion Experiment Is Exploding – Full Letter (Valuewalk)
1/31/2016, reading: Currency War: U.S. Hedge Funds Mount New Attacks on China’s Yuan
10/27/2015, reading: Kyle Bass on China's looming banking crisis and the U.S. economy


Bruce Berkowitz, Fairholme Capital
6/19/2017, video: Why Bruce Berkowitz Still Likes Stocks Others Hate (Bloomberg)


Carson Block, Muddy Waters
11/19/2017, reading: Carson Block Says Hong Kong Stock Manipulation Is Burning Shorts
6/15/2017, reading: Hedge 43: Chip Off the Old Block (page 32)


Mark Boyar, Boyar Value Group
11/11/2016, reading: Interview with Mark Boyar (Welling on WallSt)


John Burbank, Passport Capital
Realvision has some in-depth interviews with John Burbank
6/22/2016, reading: Hedge fund manager John Burbank says it's 'hard to invest responsibly' right now
5/20/2016, video: John Burbank (Passport) on Wall Street Week (Fox Business)
3/3/2016, reading: John Burbank at UTIMCO 20th Anniversary Panel


Dr. Michael Burry, Scion Asset Management
2015, reading: Michael Burry Thinks Another Financial Crisis Is Looming (NY Magazine)
2012, video: Dr. Michael J. Burry at UCLA Economics Commencement
2011, video: Michael Burry lecture on the Financial Crisis at Vanderbilt University


Carlo Cannell, Cannell Capital
2016, video: Carlo Cannell and Scott Fearon speak at Stansberry Conference 2016


Jim Chanos, Kynikos Associates
12/13/2017, video: A Fireside Chat with Jim Chanos & Dan Gilbert 
12/13/2017, video: Jim Chanos Says Tesla Headed for ‘Brick Wall’
11/14/2017, reading: Short-seller Chanos adds to Tesla bet, predicts CEO will leave
10/16/2017, video: Jim Chanos Shares 'Bizarre' Black Monday Experience
6/30/2017, reading: Jim Chanos: U.S. Economy is Worse Than You Think
6/6/2017, video: Bloomberg Interview with Jim Chanos 
5/18/2017, video: Jim Chanos at SALT: Short Mallinckrodt and Express Scripts 
3/1/2017, reading: Chanos Capitalize for Kids interview
Video: Disrupting the Global Economy (VanityFair)
2016, reading: Jim Chanos on Idea Generation Through Pattern Recognition
2015, slide deck: Jim Chanos: Presentation on Energy Sector (Grant's Conference) 
2015, podcast: Chanos on Full Disclosure podcast on China
2014, reading: Reading: Jim Chanos Masterclass: The Fundamental Short Seller
2013, reading: Yale Alumni: The fraud detective
2009, audio: Jim Chanos on BBC Radio in 2009 
1989, reading: Fortune: Are these the new Warren Buffetts? 


Russell Clark, Horseman Capital
Feb 2018: Semi Bad (semiconductor sector)
Feb 2018: Korea, Semiconductors, And A Volatility Shock
11/19/2017, slide deck: Russell Clark's Short Selling Strategy


Andrew Clifford, Platinum Asset Management
4/23/2017, video: Andrew Clifford - The Platinum Way
5/17/2016, video: Platinum Roadshow 2016


Steven Cohen, Point72 Asset Management
2/3/2017, reading: Former SAC Trader on What Steve Cohen Bio ‘Black Edge’ Doesn’t Explore
10/20/2016, reading: Inside Billionaire Steve Cohen’s Comeback 


Marc Cohodes
10/18/2017: Warren Buffett's Mosquito 
2/9/2017, reading: The World According to a Free-Range Short Seller With Nothing to Lose
2016, video: Marc Cohodes at the Grant's Fall 2016 Conference
3/24/2016, audio: Bloomberg Interview with Marc Cohodes
Podcast: Marc Cohodes on the Grant's Interest Rate Observer Podcast


Ray Dalio, Bridgewater Associates
9/18/2017, interview: The Education of Ray Dalio (Institutional Investor)
9/17/2017, video: Ray Dalio discusses his book "Principles" with Bloomberg’s Erik Schatzker
9/9/2017, article: Bridgewater’s Ray Dalio Spreads His Gospel of ‘Radical Transparency’
8/10/2017, article: Dalio’s Quest to Outlive Himself 
8/10/2017, reading: Risks Are Rising While Low Risks Are Discounted
5/12/2017, reading: Ray Dalio: The Big Picture
4/7/2017, video: Ray Dalio interview with Henry Blodget (Business Insider)
3/7/2017, video: Ray Dalio at the New York Times: "The Culture Principle"
2015, video: Ray Dalio at Bloomberg Surveillance 
2014, video: Ray Dalio and Michael Bloomberg discuss business strategies
2013, video: Ray Dalio: How the Economic Machine Works 
2011, video: Ray Dalio at Charlie Rose


James Dinan, York Capital
12/20/2016, reading: A Billionaire Retrenches in a Tough Year for Hedge Funds (WSJ)


Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan
10/21/2014, video: Jamie Dimon Conversation on Leadership


Pat Dorsey, Dorsey Asset Management
8/22/2017, podcast: Pat Dorsey on Investor's Field Guide Podcast
6/19/2017, video: Pat Dorsey presents at the 14th Annual Value Investor Conference in Omaha
5/30/2017, reading: Dorsey Asset Management: Competitive Advantage & Capital Allocation


Matt Drapkin, Northern Right Capital
12/24/2016, reading: Investor Matt Drapkin Shakes Up Small Companies (Barron's)


Stanley Druckenmiller, Duquesne Capital
Must-read: Druckenmiller's speech at the Lost Tree Club in January 2015
Lessons from a Trading Great: Stanley Druckenmiller
12/13/2017, video: Stanley Druckenmiller Interview on CNBC
5/4/2016, slide deck: "Endgame" - Presentation at Ira Sohn Conference 2016
5/4/2016, reading: "Endgame" - Presentation at Ira Sohn Conference 2016 (Transcript)
2015, video: Druckenmiller the DealBook Conference. Fed & QE, the Euro, innovation and stocks
2015, reading: Notes: Druckenmiller's interview at the DealBook Conference 2015
Video: Druckenmiller at Robin Hood Conference
2015, video: Druckenmiller at Delivering Alpha, 2015
2015, video: Druckenmiller on the Fed, Markets at Bloomberg Encore
2013, video: Druckenmiller on Generational Equity 


Craig Effron, Scoggin Capital
2016: Graham & Doddsville interview with Craig Effron 


David Einhorn, Greenlight Capital
2014: David Einhorn at Ira Sohn 2014
2011: David Einhorn at Value Investing Congress 2011: Green Mountain
2008: David Einhorn at Ira Sohn 2008 (Lehman)
2006: David Einhorn’s Speech at the Value Investing Congress 2006


Steve Eisman, Neuberger Berman
5/23/2017, video: Big Short' Steve Eisman likes two FANG stocks
1/30/2017, video: Steve Eisman: “They mistook leverage for genius”
2016, reading: Invest like a legend: Steve Eisman


David Ellison, Hennessy Funds
2013, reading: Value Investor Insight interview with David Ellison (financials, banks)


Jean-Marie Eveillard, First Eagle Funds
2015, video: Jean-Marie Eveillard on WealthTrack


Scott Fearon, Crown Capital
2016, video: Carlo Cannell and Scott Fearon speak at Stansberry Conference 2016


Bruce Flatt, Brookfield Asset Management:
Reading: Brookfield's Bruce Flatt: Billionaire Toll Collector Of The 21st Century


Bill Fleckenstein
1996 or 1997 (?) interview: Bill Fleckenstein on PBS Betting on the Market


Tom Gayner, Markel Corp.
2016, video: Tom Gayner: The Markel Story (1/3)
2016, video: Tom Gayner: The Markel Story (2/3)
2016, video: Tom Gayner: The Markel Story (3/3)
2016, reading:  Value Investor Insight: Interview with Tom Gayner


Christer Gardell, Cevian Capital
2015, reading: Meet Europe's best activist investor


Jeremy Grantham, GMO
1/27/2018, video: Jeremy Grantham on WealthTrack: Discussing the Melt-Up Possibility and Emerging Markets
1/8/2017, paper: Jeremy Grantham (GMO): Bracing Yourself for a Possible Near-Term Melt-Up
7/28/2017, video: Jeremy Grantham of GMO at Charlie Rose 
6/1/2017, reading: GMO Quarterly Letter Q1 2017: This Time Seems Very, Very Different


Glenn Greenberg
2012, video: Glenn Greenberg lecture at Columbia Business School
2012, reading: Notes on Glenn Greenberg lecture at Columbia (Basehitinvesting blog)
2012, reading: Notes from Glenn Greenberg's lecture at Columbia (Glenn Speicher's blog)
2012, reading: Notes from Glenn Greenberg's lecture at Columbia Part 2(Glenn Speicher's blog)
2010, reading: Interview with Glenn Greenberg in Graham & Doddsville
2004, video: Glenn Greenberg on Comcast, Disney
1989, reading: Fortune: Are these the new Warren Buffetts?


Joel Greenblatt, Gotham Asset Management
2016, video: Joel Greenblatt interview with Consuelo Mack
2016, reading: Joel Greenblatt’s Investing Secrets Revealed (Barron's)
2015, video: Joel Greenblatt Conversation with Howard Marks at Wharton
2014, video: Joel Greenblatt with Consuelo Mack on his Investment Strategy
2011, video: Joel Greenblatt with Steve Forbes
2005, video: Greenblatt lecture at Columbia Business School


Ken Griffin, Citadel
Video: Conversation with Ken Griffin about 2008 (5 minutes)


Jeffrey Gundlach, DoubleLine Capital
6/30/2017, article: Jeffrey Gundlach: The Man Behind the Millions (Buffalo News profile)

Mark Hart, Corriente Advisors
2017, reading: Investor Who Lost Millions Finally Gives Up on His China Bet
2016, reading: The Seven-Year Short


John Hempton, Bronte Capital
2017, reading: Bronte Capital blog: When to average down
2016, reading: Comments on investment philosophy - part one
2013, podcast: Odd Lot Podcast: John Hempton (Bronte Capital) (2013)


Hugh Hendry, Eclectica Asset Management
9/14/2017, reading: Hugh Hendry Shuts Down His Hedge Fund; Here Is His Farewell Letter (Zerohoedge)
9/14/2017, video: Hugh Hendry Blames Broken Macro Model as He Shuts Hedge Fund (Bloomberg)
5/9/2017, video: Hugh Hendry, CIO of Eclectica Asset Management
2015, reading: Hugh Hendry: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb 


Hans Humes, Greylock Capital Management
11/16/2017, reading: Hans Humes: Globalist Hedge Fund Manager in an Era of Isolationism


Carl Icahn, Icahn Associates
2015, video: Carl Icahn at the DealBook Conference 
2015, video: Carl Icahn at Wall Street Week, part 1
2015, video: Carl Icahn at Wall Street Week, part 2
Video: Carl Icahn on 60 Minutes


Jonathon Jacobson, Highfields Capital
8/5/2017, reading: Highfields Capital Warns About Quants, Complacency


Paul Tudor Jones, Tudor Investment Corporation
Trader Documentary currently on Youtube

February 2018:
Paul Tudor Jones says we are in the 'throes of a burgeoning financial bubble'
Bloomberg: Inflation Is About to Appear ‘With a Vengeance,’ Paul Tudor Jones Says
Paul Tudor Jones ““Cry ‘Havoc!’, and let slip the dogs of war”

4/20/2017, reading: Paul Tudor Jones Says U.S. Stocks Should 'Terrify' Janet Yellen
2010, reading: Paul Tudor Jones on "Reminiscence of a Stock Operator"
1987, video: FNN: Market Wrap October 19, 1987 (with Paul Tudor Jones)
There is an incredible documentary called "Trader" which every once in a while surfaces on Youtube. It is an absolutely fascinating watch. Unfortunately Paul Tudor Jones himself is not fond of it and Youtube removes the video shortly after someone uploads it.


Jason Karp, Tourbillon Capital
6/26/2017, reading: Tourbillon Capital's Jason Karp: "This market doesn't make any sense"


Bruce Karsh, Oaktree Capital Management
Video: Wharton: Howard Marks Investor Series with Bruce Karsh


Seth Klarman, Baupost Group
10/23/2017, BI: Klarman: Investors are asking the wrong question about the stock market
2/6/2017, reading: A Quiet Giant of Investing Weighs In on Trump
2015, reading: Santangel's Review: The Collected Wisdom of Seth Klarman
2015, reading: Excerpts from Baupost Partner Brian Spector's retirement letter 
2013, reading: The Great Baupost Madoff Claim Trade
2011, video: Charlie Rose interviews Seth Klarman
2010, reading: Seth Klarman The Forgotten Lessons
2010, reading: Seth Klarman Interview with Jason Zweig
2009, video: Seth Klarman on Value investing, Investment Strategies and Advice for Success 
1989, reading: Fortune: Are these the new Warren Buffetts? 


Bruce Kovner Caxton Associates
2017, reading: Lessons from a Trading Great: Bruce Kovner (Macro Ops)


Michael Krensavage, Krensavage Asset Management
2016, video: Why one firm is staying short on Concordia 


Philippe Laffont, Coatue Management
2016, reading: Bubbles, chasms and 'dreaming the dream'
Video: Philippe Laffont, Coatue Management at OneWire (1/2)
Video: Philippe Laffont, Coatue Management at OneWire (2/2)


Eddie Lampert
2004: BusinessWeek: The Next Warren Buffett? 


Andrew Left, Citron Research
6/8/2017, reading: Andrew Left: The Bounty Hunter of Wall Street


Jorge Paolo Lemann, 3G Capital
4/18/2017, video: Warren Buffett and Jorge Paulo at the HBS Brazil Conference
4/26/2016, video: Jim Collins Interviews Jorge Paulo Lemann at HBS Brazil Conference 2016
Reading: A Bet on a Brazilian Brewery Pays Off for 3 Investors (NYT, 2004)


Dan Loeb, Thirdpoint Capital
Third Point 3Q 2017 Investor Letter
Third Point Capital 1Q 2017 Letter
Video: Dan Loeb speaks at Birthright Alumni Community


Li Lu, Himalaya Capital
2006, video: Columbia MBA- Greenwald Class: Li Lu (2006)


Peter Lynch (formerly Fidelity Magellan Fund)
8/17/2017, blog post: Peter Lynch’s Final Checklist (old school value blog)
5/4/2017, video: War Stories over Board Games (II) 
2015, reading: Peter Lynch, 25 Years Later: It’s Not Just ‘Invest in What You Know’ (WSJ)
2002, video: Wall Street Week June 2002 - WorldCom Collapse (Louis Rukeyser, Peter Lynch) - 2/2
2002, video: Wall Street Week June 2002 - WorldCom Collapse (Louis Rukeyser, Peter Lynch) - 1/2
1997, video: Peter Lynch: How To Pick Stocks
Video: Sir John Templeton and Peter Lynch


Howard Marks, Oaktree Capital Management
8/2/2017, video: Oaktree's Howard Marks on Bloomberg TV (discussing "Here They Go Again ... Again" memo)
Howard Marks: The Truth about Investing (blog post)
2017, slide deck: Howard Marks: The Truth about Investing
2017, video: Howard Marks: The Truth about Investing
Video: Wharton: Howard Marks Investor Series with Bruce Karsh
Famous memos:
2017: There They Go Again … Again
2011: How Quickly They Forget
2007: The Race to the Bottom
2005: There They Go Again


Bill Martin, Raging Capital
2006: From Dropout to Raging Bull


David Martinez, Fintech Advisory
2016, reading: Mysterious Bond Billionaire Offers Rare Look at Finances


Bill Miller, Miller Value Partners
12/13/2017, audio: Bill Miller on WealthTrack on Bitcoin: Currency of the Future or Investment Mania?
11/10/2017, reading: Bill Miller is staging one of Wall Street’s most closely watched comebacks
7/18/2017, reading: Without A Boss Bill Miller Is Betting On Amazon, Bitcoin And Bob Dylan
4/7/2017, video: Bill Miller on WealthTrack
2010, video: Bill Miller on WealthTrack


Scott Minerd, Guggenheim Partners
Blog: Bloomberg Profile of Scott Minerd (Guggenheim Partners)
Reading: Bloomberg Profile of Scott Minerd (Guggenheim Partners)
Video: Bloomberg "What'd You Miss?" with Scott Minerd (Guggenheim Partners)


Mason Morfit, ValueAct Capital
Video: Mason Morfit at Stanford on Shareholder Activism


William von Mueffling
2010, reading: A Hedge-Fund Manager's New Groove (WSJ)


Victor Niederhoffer
9/15/2017, podcast: Victor Niederhoffer: Lessons of Making and Losing a Fortune (Masters in Business Podcast)
2007, article: The Blow-Up Arist (New Yorker Profile)
1998, video: Victor Niederhoffer after he lost everything in the 1997 Asian Crisis 


Bill Nygren, Oarkmark Funds
12/14/2017, video: Bill Nygren: "Value Investing Principles and Approach" (Talks at Google)


John Paulson, Paulson & Co.
2014, video: John Paulson at Delivering Alpha


Nelson Peltz, Trian Partners
7/22/2017, activist campaign: Trian Partners Procter & Gamble Activist Campaign Website


Richard Perry
1989, reading: Fortune: Are these the new Warren Buffetts? 


Michael Price
1989, reading: Fortune: Are these the new Warren Buffetts?


Dan Rasmussen, Verdad Capital
Feb 2018, podcast: Dan Rasmussen on Invest Like the Best Podcast
Feb 2018, article: Private Equity: Overvalued and Overrated?
Jan 2018, podcast: Meb Faber: Episode #90: Dan Rasmussen


Clifton Robbins, Blue Harbour Group
Reading: Cliff Robbins, the Gentleman Activist (Institutional Investor)


Julian Robertson, Tiger Management
Video: OneWire conversation with Julian Robertson, Tiger Management
Video: Opalesque interview with Julian Robertson, Part 1
Video: Opalesque interview with Julian Robertson, Part 2


Robert Robotti, Robotti & Co.
2017, slide deck: Bob Robotti: Making America Great Again One House At A Time (BLDR)


Alex Roepers, Atlantic Investment Management
9/28/2017, deck: Compelling Value Plays - Alex Roepers, Atlantic Investment Management (SHA GY, GKN LN, DBD, COMM)


Jim Rogers
1992, reading: Mr. Rogers Takes His Dream Trip (Fortune)


Steven Romick, First Pacific Advisors
5/25/2017, reading: FPA: Two Decades of Winning by Not Losing
2014, video: Steven Romick on WealthTrack


Chuck Royce, The Royce Funds
2018, video: Chuck Royce on WealthTrack
2011, video: Chuck Royce on WealthTrack


Ruane, Cunniff & Goldfarb (Sequoia Fund)
8/13/2017, reading: An epic winning streak on Wall Street — then one ugly loss
5/19/2017, reading: Ruane, Cunniff & Goldfarb (Sequoia Fund) 2017 Investor Day Transcript


Tom Russo, Gardner, Russo & Gardner
9/10/2017, MOI blob post: Nestlé: A “Bond” and a “Venture Capital Fund”
7/14/2017, video: Tom Russo on WealthTrack
7/11/2017, reading: Tom Russo on Shareholder Value Creation and Global Brands
7/10/2017, podcast: Capital Allocators Podcast: Tom Russo of Gardner Russo & Gardner
2015, slide deck: Thomas Russo: Capacity to Suffer, Global Value Investing
2015, video: Talks at Google: Thomas Russo on Global Value Investing


Chris Sacca, Lowercase Capital
Chris Sacca Interview with Kevin Rose (TechCrunch Foundation)


Andrew Sandler, Sandler Capital
2016, reading: Hedge Fund Winner Andrew Sandler (Barron's)


Jim Simons, Renaissance Technologies
12/18/2017, article: Jim Simons, The Numbers King (New Yorker)
2015, video: Jim Simons A rare interview with the mathematician who cracked Wall Street 
2015, video: Numberphile: interview with James Simons
2013, video: MIT World: Jim Simons
2016, reading: Inside Renaissance Technologies (Bloomberg)


Paul Singer, Elliott Management
12/15/2017, reading: Inside Elliott Management: How Paul Singer’s Hedge Fund Always Wins
8/8/2017, reading: Paul Singer: The World’s Most Feared Investor (Bloomberg list of all of Elliott's activist targets)
8/3/2017, reading: Paul Singer Says Passive Investing Is ‘Devouring Capitalism’
10/31/2016, video: WSJ Conversation with Paul Singer about Activism
6/8/2017, video: Paul Singer Interview with David Rubenstein (Bloomberg "Peer to Peer" show)
6/7/2017, reading: Paul Singer: The Last Hedge Fund Pit Bull (Institutional Investor)
5/27/2017, reading: Paul Singer's Five Investing Lessons
5/7/2017, reading: Paul Singer’s Flagship Fund Raises $5 Billion in 24 Hours
2/1/2017, reading: Paul Singer: 'Complacency permeates global financial markets'


Kevin Smith, Crescat Capital
Reading: Crescat Capital Q1 2017 Quarterly Letter - Bearish Call on US Equities


George Soros
Soros Channel on Youtube
2016, blog post: George Soros and 1987: when your longs & shorts BOTH go against you 
2016, reading: Soros: Brexit and the Future of Europe
2016, reading: Longshorttrader: Parsing Soros’ comments on Europe
2009, video: George Soros interview - Financial Times
1998, video: George Soros with Charlie Rose -1998
1997, video: Paul Krugman vs. George Soros: Debate on Capitalism, Globalization of the Economy (1997)
1995, video: George Soros with Charlie Rose -1995
1995, reading: Soros: Anatomy of a Comeback (Bloomberg)
1994, video: George Soros, Stan Druckenmiller (Money World, May 1, 1994)
1998, video: George Soros with Charlie Rose (1998)


Kathryn Staley - Book: The Art of Short Selling
Book: The Art of Short Selling
2007, video: Speech: Selling Short at CARE Conference 2007
1997, article: Searching for Real Earnings: Practical Suggestions
Blog post: Notes on “Selling Short”, Kathryn Staley
Blog post: Short Sellers – according to Kathryn Staley


Michael Steinhardt
2010, reading: Benzinga Interviews Hedge Fund Legend Michael Steinhardt


Tom Steyer, Farallon Capital
2005: Tom Steyer (Farallon Capital) Profile in Institutional Investor


Luis Stuhlberger, Verde Asset Management
2015, reading: Brazil Hedge Fund Star Looks Elsewhere for His Next Big Bet


David Swensen, Yale University Endowment
11/14/2017, video: A Conversation with David Swensen (Council on Foreign Relations)


John Templeton
1989, video: John Templeton at Wall Street Week


Ed Thorp (formerly Princeton Newport Partners)
1/23/2018, interview: AQR Interview with Ed Thorp
7/22/2017, reading: Tren Griffin: A Dozen Lessons on Investing from Ed Thorp
7/17/2017, reading: Jay Regan, Investing Pioneer and Ed Thorp's Partner at Princeton Newport
7/15/2017, podcast: Ed Thorp Interview on Masters in Business
2/3/2017, reading: Ed Thorp: the man who beat the casinos, then the markets (FT) 


Joel Tillinghast, Fidelity
11/5/2017: WSJ: Veteran of ‘Low Priced’ Stocks Will Expand His List 
9/14/2014, video: Fidelity's Joel Tillinghast on Bloomberg


Jeffrey Ubben, ValueAct Capital
Video: Jeffrey Ubben: The Evolution of the Active Value Investment Style (1)
Video: Jeffrey Ubben: The Evolution of the Active Value Investment Style (2)
Video: Reuters Panel: the future of activism


Robert Vinall, RV Capital
2017, slide deck: Robert Vinall: Identifying Managers with Talent and Integrity


Adam Weiss, Stillwater Investment Management
2015, reading: Adam Weiss Interview with ValueInvestor Insight


Boaz Weinstein, Saba Capital
2017, slide deck: Saba Capital Presentation at Robinhood 2017


Ted Weschler, Berkshire Hathaway
2016, reading: Interview with Ted Weschler: The recipe for financial success


Fred Wilson, Union Square Ventures
Video: Union Square's Wilson on VC Market, Twitter, Snap & Uber (Bloomberg TV)
Reading: avc blog


Neil Woodford, Woodford Investment Management
12/1/2017, interview: FT: FT: Neil Woodford: Will investors keep the faith? ("there are so many lights flashing red that I am losing count")
2017, video: Neil Woodford: A Summer in Perspective
2016, reading: How the Oracle of Oxford Won a Cult Following


Donald Yacktman
2015, video: Talks at Google: Donald Yacktman
2010, video: Donald Yacktman on WealthTrack


Sam Zell
11/7/2017, video: Sam Zell on Bloomberg TV talking tax reform, real estate 
8/16/2017, reading: Sam Zell on Global Growth: “Where’s the Demand?” (CFA Institute)
Video: Sam Zell: What 50 years in Real Estate Will Teach You
2012, reading: Columbia Graham & Doddsville: Sam Zell Interview
2008, video: Sam Zell: Investing, Business and Life