Strategists and Thinkers


Michael Mauboussin (BlueMountain, formerly Credit Suisse)
February 2018: Michael Mauboussin on the Future of Active Management
1/13/2018, paper: Michael Mauboussin: How Well Do You Compare?
6/11/2017: Mauboussin: Winning the Easy Game - Skill and the Ability to Extract Value
5/16/2016: Man, Machine, Moats, and Power of the Outside View; Michael Mauboussin on Invest Like the Best Podcast
9/26/2016: Michael Mauboussin: The Base Rate Book
2014, video: Mauboussin: "The Success Equation: Untangling Skill and Luck" (Talks at Google)
2012: Michael Mauboussin on WealthTrack discussing luck and skill 


James Montier, GMO
Feb 2018: The Advent of a Cynical Bubble


Morgan Housel, Collaborative Fund
February 2018, video: Morgan Housel on What Other Industries Teach Us About Investing
1/13/2018: Morgan Housel: The Thrill of Uncertainty
6/22/2017: Morgan Housel on Bubbles: The Reasonable Formation of Unreasonable Things



Avondale Asset Management
Avondale Asset Management's "Week in Review"


Scott Galloway, L2
7/26/2017, video: Scott Galloway on the Big Four: Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google


Eric Peters, One River Asset Management
7/23/2017, weekly note: Eric Peters Weekend Notes - Contradiction Creates Life


KKR Macro & Asset Allocation
7/13/2017: KKR: Mid-year Update: Five Areas of Focus (2019 recession call)


Ben Thompson, Stratechery
9/8/2017, blog post: stratechery: Everything Is Changing; So Should Antitrust
7/1/2017, blog post: stratechery: Ends, Means, and Antitrust (on Google's fine)


13D Research
6/16/2017: 13D Research: Has the meteoric rise of passive investing generated the “greatest bubble ever”?
13D Research - "What I learned last week"


Ben Hunt, Epsilon Theory
6/18/2017: Epsilon Theory: Tell My Horse (on the pain and coping mechanisms of being an active manager in this market environment)




Dr. Pippa Malmgren, DPRM Group
7/15/2017: Malmgren on China’s OBOR and Its Impact on International Security 


Grant Williams
2017: A World of Pure Imagination


Jason Zweig
6/24/2017: Stock Picking Is Dying Because There Are No More Stocks to Pick
2004: Jason Zweig: A Long Chat with Peter Bernstein (in 2004)