Conferences, Pitches & Presentations

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Hedge Fund Presentations

2017: Compelling Value Plays - Alex Roepers, Atlantic Investment Management (SHA GY, GKN LN, DBD, COMM)
2015: JHL Capital: Conglomerate Boom 2.0
2007: Pershing Square Capital: Who's Holding the Bag (MBIA) 


Various Pitches

2017: Saber Capital: Tencent's Wide Moat (2017)
2014: How Hertz Became the Perfect Contrarian Short in 2014
2015: Jim Chanos: Presentation on Energy Sector (Grant's Conference)
2012: Amazon Pitch by Josh Tarasoff (Greenlea Lane Capital) at VALUEx Vail 2012


Activist Presentations

ADP - Pershing Square
ADP Ascending Activist Campaign
September 2017: Pershing Square ADP Slide Deck


PA - Trian Partners
September 2017: Revitalize P&G Together
July 2017: Trian Partners Procter & Gamble Slide Deck

September 2017: Paulson & Co: Gold Equities: Myths, Dreams and Reality


Annual Value Investor Conference

Transcripts and presentation: Annual Value Investor Conference
2017: Bob Robotti: Making America Great Again One House At A Time (BLDR)
2017: Robert Vinall: Identifying Managers with Talent and Integrity
2016: Aswath Damodaran: Price or Value? What's your game?
2015: Thomas Russo: Capacity to Suffer, Global Value Investing 


Sohn Conference 2017

Howard Hughes Corp. (HHC) Pitch at Ira Sohn 2017 (Bill Ackman, Pershing Square) 
Pitch contest:
Long EBAY pitch
Short ENR pitch
Long NYRT pitch


Sohn Conference 2016

"Endgame" - Presentation at Ira Sohn Conference 2016
"Endgame" - Presentation at Ira Sohn Conference 2016 (Transcript)

Pitch contest:
Short DXCM pitch
Long UHAL pitch
Long EXOR IM pitch
Short DPZ pitch