Federal Reserve

Alan Greenspan speech at Jackson Hole, 2005
"history has not dealt kindly with the aftermath of protracted periods of low risk premiums"


Hedge Funds

1970 Carol Loomis: Hard Times Come to the Hedge Funds

Long-Term Capital Management
Reading: Long-Term Capital Management Brochure


Great Financial Crisis (2008)

The beginning:
Bear Stearns Hedge Funds – The Start of the Credit Crunch
Bear Stearns Hedge Fund June 2007 Investor Notice


"What it was like:"
LA Times: Panicked by the stock market (March 9, 2009)


Has Financial Development Made the World Riskier? (2005, Jackson Hole)

Wall Street History: GMO Predicting Financial Crisis

Market fears point to investors' complacency for risk (New York Times, March 2007)

Consensus at the time:

2006: NBER: Is There a Housing Bubble?



2000 Tech Bubble

Reformed Broker: Contra Einhorn (on the March 2000 catalyst)
3/20/2000: Barron's: Burning Up ("Internet companies are running out of cash -- fast")
3/20/2000: MicroStrategy plummets; Shares fall more than 60 percent (CNN Money) 
The Original Barron's List: A Prelude to the Dot-Com Bust


1997 Asian Financial Crisis

7/5/2017: Mark Mobius: Looking Back 20 Years: Lessons of the Asian Financial Crisis


1987 Crash

Video: FNN: Market Wrap October 19, 1987 (with Paul Tudor Jones)
Video: Wall Street Week October 16, 1987 - Before the 1987 Crash (Part 1)
Video: Wall Street Week October 16, 1987 - Before the 1987 Crash (Part 2)


1992: George Soros Breaks the Pound

Video: Black Wednesday - George Soros vs. the Bank of England
Video: George Soros, Stan Druckenmiller (Money World, May 1, 1994)


1929 Crash

Video: The Crash of 1929 & The Great Depression (PBS) - Part 1 of 6


Various Charts

5/16/2017: Financial Insyghts "Watergate Market Chart"



Reading: Paul Clikeman: The Greatest Frauds of the (Last) Century

1992, reading: No Guts, No Glory: Short-Selling in a Bull Market

Video: The Legacy of Benjamin Graham

1985, video: Goldman Sachs Fixed Income Recruiting Video 1985