Wall Street History


Federal Reserve

Alan Greenspan speech at Jackson Hole, 2005
"history has not dealt kindly with the aftermath of protracted periods of low risk premiums"


Hedge Funds

1970 Carol Loomis: Hard Times Come to the Hedge Funds

Long-Term Capital Management
Reading: Long-Term Capital Management Brochure


Great Financial Crisis (2008)

May 2007: Pershing Square Capital: Who's Holding the Bag (MBIA)

What it was like: using the Wayback Machine to go back to 2007


The beginning:
Throwback to 2007: Jim Cramer: "They know nothing!"
Bear Stearns Hedge Funds – The Start of the Credit Crunch
Bear Stearns Hedge Fund June 2007 Investor Notice


War Stories
How the World’s Biggest Buyout Deal Crashed and Burned - The Bell Canada LBO War Story

"What it was like:"
LA Times: Panicked by the stock market (March 9, 2009)

August 2007 "Quant Quake"
8/15/2017: The Next Quant Meltdown (Institutional Investor)
Cliff Asness: The August of our Discontent: Once More Unto the Breach? (2017)
Cliff Asness: The August of Our Discontent (2007)



Has Financial Development Made the World Riskier? (2005, Jackson Hole)

Wall Street History: GMO Predicting Financial Crisis

Market fears point to investors' complacency for risk (New York Times, March 2007)



1/11/2008: Ken Fisher: We're Too Gloomy
8/8/2007: Leon Cooperman: Why I'm a bull
2006: NBER: Is There a Housing Bubble?




2000 Tech Bubble

Blog post: Warren Buffett, Aesop’s Fables, and the Dot-Com Bubble

2002: Wall Street Week June 2002 - WorldCom Collapse (Louis Rukeyser, Peter Lynch, Marty Zweig) - 1/2
Wall Street Week June 2002 - WorldCom Collapse - 2/2

1999: Marathon Asset Management Letter: "Nineteen reasons to be bearish on technology in December 1999"

February 2000: Jim Cramer: "The Winners of the New World"

12/27/1999: Barrons: "What's Wrong, Warren?"

Reformed Broker: Contra Einhorn (on the March 2000 catalyst)
3/20/2000: Barron's: Burning Up ("Internet companies are running out of cash -- fast")
3/20/2000: MicroStrategy plummets; Shares fall more than 60 percent (CNN Money) 
The Original Barron's List: A Prelude to the Dot-Com Bust

3/13/2000: WSJ: Barber's Tech-Stock Chit-Chat Enriches Many Cape Cod Locals

8/14/2000: Fortune: 10 Stocks To Last The Decade A few major trends will likely shape the next ten years. Here's a buy-and-forget portfolio to capitalize on them.

1999: 60 Minutes: Jeff Bezos & Amazon - An Inside Look
"Amazon today is worth more than Sears … A couple of geeks who sketched out some software" 

2003 Paper: Valuation Effects of Name Changes in the Dot.Com Decline


1997 Asian Financial Crisis

7/5/2017: Mark Mobius: Looking Back 20 Years: Lessons of the Asian Financial Crisis


1992: George Soros Breaks the Pound

Video: Black Wednesday - George Soros vs. the Bank of England
Video: George Soros, Stan Druckenmiller (Money World, May 1, 1994)


1987 Crash

12/11/1987: Throwback to 1987: Wall Street Journal "Before the Fall - Crash of '87"

Video: FNN: Market Wrap October 19, 1987 (with Paul Tudor Jones)
Video: Wall Street Week October 16, 1987 - Before the 1987 Crash (Part 1)
Video: Wall Street Week October 16, 1987 - Before the 1987 Crash (Part 2)

12/7/1987: Fortune: Buffett warned in 1982 that stock index futures were bad news for the markets.


12/12/1987, LA Times: Wall St. Looks Back : Speculators' Wild Ride Led to Crash


1979: "THe Death of equities"

Business Week's "The Death of Equities" Revisited


1929 Crash

Video: The Crash of 1929 & The Great Depression (PBS) - Part 1 of 6


Various Charts

5/16/2017: Financial Insyghts "Watergate Market Chart"



2017: There Never Was a Real Tulip Fever (Smithsonian Magazine)

Reading: Paul Clikeman: The Greatest Frauds of the (Last) Century

1992, reading: No Guts, No Glory: Short-Selling in a Bull Market

Video: The Legacy of Benjamin Graham

1985, video: Goldman Sachs Fixed Income Recruiting Video 1985