Hedge Fund Letters Q3 2017

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Hedge Fund Letters

Alluvial Capital 3Q 2017 Letter (ALJJ, NULM)

Arquitos Capital 3Q 2017 Investor Letter

Bireme Capital 3Q 2017 Letter (ESRX, FOXA, ORI)

Cable Car Capital "Late 2017" Letter (PANL)

Crescat Capital 3Q 2017 Investor Letter (bearish equities, China credit, crude oil)

FPA Capital Fund 3Q 2017 Investor Letter (retail, energy)

Greenhaven Road Capital 3Q 2017 Investor Letter (ETSY, FCAU, LMB, RKN, TRIP, EVI)

Greenlight Capital 3Q 2017 Letter (TSLA, NFLX, CNX, GM, UN01, CAT, HPE, MU, TPX)

GreenWood Investors 3Q 2017 Investor Letter ((EXOR IM, BOL FP, TRIP, RR LN, TITR IM)

Hayden Capital 3Q 2017 Investor Letter (Technology, IBKR, ZO1)

Horizon Kinetics 3Q 2017 Letter (Bitcoin, HHC, AMC)

Laughing Water Capital 3Q 2017 Investor Letter (IESC, FC, RKN.TO, EZPW)

Longleaf Partners 3Q 2017 Letter

Pershing Square 3Q 2017 Letter (ADP, MDLZ, QSR, HHC, CMG, FMCC, PAH, HLF)

RGA Investment Advisors 3Q 2017 Commentary

Ruane, Cunniff & Goldfarb (Sequoia Fund) 3Q 2017 Investor Letter 

Third Avenue Real Estate Value Fund 3Q 2017 Letter (KIM)

Third Point 3Q 2017 Investor Letter (DOV, DWDP, HON, NSRGY)

Upslope Capital Management 3Q 2017 Investor Letter (SFER.IT)

Wedgewood Partners 3Q 2017 Client Letter (GOOG, CTSH, FAST, QCOM, PYPL, TSCO, VRSK, TJX, ROST)

Wolf Hill Capital Management 3Q 2017 letter (CSTM, ANF, KRA, APLP)