Jeffrey Gundlach: The Man Behind the Millions (Buffalo News profile)

The Buffalo News published a long profile of DoubleLine founder Jeffrey Gundlach. The article delves into Gundlach's youth and his passion for art.

His philosphy:

“I don’t spread things thin,” Gundlach told the News in September, after his Albright-Knox donation was announced. “I focus deeply. I do that with my work, with my company. I want to make a difference to the things that I apply myself to and not just, as T.S. Eliot said, mete out my life in teaspoons.”

His rapid ascent once he entered the financial world:

Within six months, Gundlach, at 26, was managing Chrysler’s pension fund. Over a 24-year career at TCW, he built the firm’s bond business into a national powerhouse.

And his passion for modern art:

Gundlach is a long-suffering Bills fan, but his interest in football is dwarfed by his passion for art. And although he grew up visiting the Albright-Knox, Gundlach didn’t gain an appreciation for modern and contemporary art until a 2002 trip to the Tate Gallery in London, where he came across a man sketching a Mondrian painting.

“It’s like I’m hit by a thunderbolt,” Gundlach said in September of the painting that changed his life. “All of a sudden, at that moment, all I cared about was more modern art.”

Almost immediately, Gundlach began collecting 20th century pieces. Every room of his house – from the living room where a Calder mobile spins in front of a $28 million Warhol portrait of Marilyn Monroe to a hallway where a Diebenkorn landscape dialogues with a transcendent Mondrian – feels like a conversation across art history.


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Jeffrey Gundlach: The Man Behind the Millions (Buffalo News profile)