Upslope Capital Management 2Q 2017 Investor Letter

Upslope Capital just published its second quarter 2017 investor letter.

The letter discusses several new positions as well as Upslope's short strategy:

My approach to short-selling has always been to focus primarily on secular “losers,” businesses with challenged financial models, and fads. Often, this means shorting companies that appear cheap – but whose stocks are likely to continue to slide, as estimates for future earnings continue to fall. In most cases, an impaired competitive position or lousy financial model can be observed by analyzing certain financial patterns: low returns on capital, poor/unpredictable cash flows, and persistent need to raise additional capital.

Positions discussed:

  • Longs: EROS, OZRK, HACK, EWC
  • Shorts: STOR

You can find the full letter here:

Upslope Capital Management 2Q 2017 Investor Letter


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