Paul Singer: The World’s Most Feared Investor

Bloomberg put together a list of Elliott Management's activist investment targets. The list ranges from Arconic (former Alcoa) and BHP to Samsung and the country of Argentina.


Aggressive, tenacious and litigious to a fault, Paul Singer may be the most feared activist investor in the world...

Singer has targeted the world’s biggest mining company, taken on Warren Buffett in a battle for Texas’s largest electricity distributor, ousted chief executive officers on both sides of the Atlantic and set off a chain of events that led to the impeachment of South Korea’s president.

Singer is best known for battling Argentina for 15 years over its debt default—and impounding one of the country’s war ships in the process. Certainly, his impact is undeniable. He started with just $1.3 million from family and friends in 1977...

Full article and list of Singer's activism targets here:

Paul Singer: The World’s Most Feared Investor


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