Fahmi Quadir Is Raising $200 Million for New Long-Short Hedge Fund

In a relentless bull market that has led countless hedge funds to shut their doors, short-biased hedge funds have become an especially rare breed.

Unsurprisingly, the announcement of a $200 million fund launch got widespread attention today:

Fahmi Quadir, a 26-year-old who trained under well-known short seller Marc Cohodes, is setting out to raise $200 million for her own recently-formed hedge fund, Safkhet Capital.

After graduating from Harvey Mudd College in 2012, Quadir worked as an equity analyst at Krensavage Asset Management in New York for two years, where she pushed the fund to increase its bet against Valeant Pharmaceuticals.

“She’s the real deal,” Marc Cohodes told Bloomberg. “I think she’s ruthless, I think she’s cold-blooded, and I think she’s dogged.”

Cohodes Protégé to Raise $200 Million for a Short Hedge Fund

A 'ruthless' 26-year-old investor is raising $200 million to bet against the stock market