Adventures in Capitalism: Mall Tour 2017

Kuppy of Adventures in Capitalism recently posted about his experience traveling to dying malls. His two posts highlighting this phenomenon are recommended reading for anybody involved in retail or commercial real estate.

His conclusion:

Go onto any real estate website and you will find out that huge plan space is nearly free. No one knows what the hell to do with it and the waves of bankruptcy in big box are just starting. As online evolves, these waves will engulf other segments of retail as well.

Retail’s problems are about to become everyone’s problems in CRE. When the old Macy’s rents for $2/ft, what happens to everyone else’s rents?

Think of the two malls that I spoke about in the last piece—they weren’t done in by the internet, they were done in by a tripling of retail space in a cities that are barely growing. These cities simply ran out of shoppers for all of this space. Now the mall is empty—heck the strip retail is only partly filled in. The next step is that rents will drop—dramatically. The owners of each asset, the mall and the strip center will go bust. 

Mall Tour 2017 (Part 1)

Mall Tour 2017 (Part 2)