Cable Car Capital Q1 2017 Letter

Jacob Ma-Weaver of Cable Car Capital just published his quarterly letter.

This quarter he recounts his short of Wins Finance. Jacob is a skilled short-seller and his story is captivating - but don't try this at home!

Cable Car Capital LLC Q1 2017 Letter


"Market commentators sometimes point to a lack of speculative excess as justification for a continuing bull market. Perhaps they are just looking in the wrong places. Qualitatively, I see far more activity from retail investors online today than I did a year or two ago. If I had a nickel for every time I hear the phrase “low float runner” used to describe a stock being deliberately manipulated by a group of day traders…well, I actually do usually end up paying a lot more than a nickel in borrow costs when encountering that kind of behavior. It seems more common and more blatant than in recent memory."



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