Michael Mauboussin: The Base Rate Book

Until very recently, Michael Mauboussin was the Head of Global Financial Strategies at Credit Suisse. On May 23, he joined the hedge fund find BlueMountain.

Mauboussin's writing and books on investment philosophy, strategy, the role of randomness, and investment research and process are widely respected. Fortunately, many papers he published for Credit Suisse are available publicly.

In September 2016, he published: "The Base Rate Book Integrating: the Past to Better Anticipate the Future". The Base Rate Book is a long paper on forecasting of corporate results. An excellent read for any fundamental research analyst.

"This book is the first comprehensive repository for base rates of corporate results. It examines sales growth, gross profitability, operating leverage, operating profit margin, earnings growth, and cash flow return on investment."

Michael Mauboussin: The Base Rate Book  (link to Credit Suisse)