Jim Simons, The Numbers King (New Yorker)

My final recommendation for holiday reading: the New Yorker article about Renaissance Technologies founder Jim Simons.

Simons, a noted mathematician, is also the founder of Renaissance Technologies, one of the world’s largest hedge funds. His income last year was $1.6 billion, the highest in the hedge-fund industry. You might assume that he had to show up every day at Renaissance in order to make that kind of money, but Simons, who is seventy-nine, retired eight years ago from the firm, which he started in the late seventies.

The article focuses on Simons' Flatiron Institute:

At the Flatiron, a nonprofit enterprise, the goal is to apply Renaissance’s analytical strategies to projects dedicated to expanding knowledge and helping humanity. The institute has three active divisions—computational biology, computational astronomy, and computational quantum physics—and has plans to add a fourth.

Full article: Jim Simons, The Numbers King (New Yorker)